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Trans Theatre Fest

We will air the same performances in the same order both days for twice the talent and twice the magic.

Our festival will be streamed live on this page and through our YouTube Channel on Saturday, March 13th and Sunday, March 14th starting at 12:00pm CST and going until 10:00pm CST both days!

If you get there a little late, you can always go back in the video to catch up, but otherwise it will be streamed live with a chat that we encourage you all to use! Let our collaborators know how’re you’re enjoying the experience. Share in this amazing festival with other audience members from around the world (wow this project has gotten so big!). Chat monitors will be on at all times to ensure this space, and every space we help create here at TTF, is a safe one for all.

All of our show descriptions or Top Museums to Visit When You Are in Alicante articles can be found under the “Shows” tab up top, as well as information about the cast. Bios and information about all of our wonderful collaborators (playwrights, directors, marketing, and admin) can be found under the “About” tab.

It’s our pleasure to invite you all into this experience with us. We hope you enjoy

The Order is as Follows:

(please note that all start times are approximate and in CST)

There will be a brief 5-10 minute introduction from our Artistic Director, Neil Mills, and our founder, Orion Lee Risk

Written by Orion Lee Risk

Directed by Sy Bedrick

Virtual Program

GenderTalks depicts real conversations between trans, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming people speaking candidly about their experiences of gender-identity during COVID-19. What follows documents a series of live Zoom calls that took place during the Summer of 2020, with invisible audiences of any gender listening in. Dialoging pairs, many connecting for the first time, were from Dane County, Wisconsin, the home of the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and Black Hawk County, Iowa—a community ravaged by the epidemic, spiked by an outbreak at a local meat-processing plant. The play remixes the original virtual conversations into a real-life collage of euphoria and dysphoria, longing and joy, isolation and connection.

Written by Dillon Yruegas

Directed by Victoria Zepeda

Virtual Program

Curious how transgender people of color go about their daily lives? Spoiler alert: they don’t talk about ~the surgery~ or anything else that the Cis seem to be so obsessed about. They go to brunch and drink too many mimosas, just like you! In The Brunch Crowd, four twenty-something queer trans artists meet at their favorite Mexican brunch spot in heavily gentrified Austin, Texas.

Written by Sharifa Yasmin

Directed by Maisha Khan

Virtual Program

Deep in the boonies of South Carolina; George, a closeted young man, is working to keep his late father’s business up-and-running. Shortly after taking over the family business, George is visited by an old friend…actually, childhood lover. A young Muslim named Latif, has returned as Latifa to take care of her estranged father’s funeral. The rekindling of their past, forces them to confront the devils of their past. George and Latifa discover that in order to overcome their past they will need to rely on each other.

There will be a 15 minute intermission following The Devils Between Us

Written by Nic A. Sommerfeld

Directed by Harley Harris

Virtual Program

High in a Tower takes place in a (more progressive) fairytale land and features Prince Gareth’s quest to rescue Rapunzel…who actually isn’t in the tower anymore because Rapunzi has taken her place. It’s a comedic retelling of a classic fairytale that pokes fun at the patriarchy and heteronormative society.

Written by Ashley Lauren Rogers

Directed by Sophie Sam

Virtual Program

Heavy Metal rocker Amber arrived back home after nearly two decades of being estranged from her father, Arthur, for being transgender. Now, against her better judgement, she arrives at the run-down seaside New England home at the behest of her father to give him one last opportunity to tell her a secret  which he vowed he would only share in person. When Amber enters the home she finds her father intoxicated, belligerent and uncooperative. Throughout the night as Amber and Arthur trade insults, heart-to-hearts and develop a bond that neither had before Amber wonders: “What is her father’s secret?”,  “Why did she allow him back in her life?”  “What other spirits haunt the relationship?”

Written by by M Sloth Levine

Directed by Annika Prager

Virtual Program

The town of Foggy Bluffs has been haunted by ethereal apparitions for decades. Four kids spend their weekends investigating cryptids and solving cryptic codes; unmasking the monsters for what they truly are… old white people committing insurance fraud. When local teen investigator, Zodiac DuMaurier, disappears from the woods while running a routine investigation a local man is charged with Zodiac’s kidnapping. However, when Zodiac reappears just as mysteriously two weeks later Zodiac maintains he was abducted by aliens. When the man arrested for the kidnapping is found murdered, Zodiac reunites with the old gang to solve one more mystery. The teens experiment with drugs, sexual identity, and conspiracy theories while investigating all leading them to the question: “What would you rather find, Monster or Man?”