Neil Mills, IMT, and UTA presents…



Friday March 26th

at 7pm CST to see

The Interrobangers

by M Sloth Levine

Founded by Orion Lee Risk

Saturday March 13th to Sunday March 14th 12:00pm CST

No tickets OR reservation required. 

Tune in to THIS PAGE on the day of to view the festival.

the interrobangers

mystery of the foggy bluffs monster

by M Sloth Levine

Directed by Annika Prager

The town of Foggy Bluffs has been haunted by ethereal apparitions for decades. Four kids spend their weekends investigating cryptids and solving cryptic codes; unmasking the monsters for what they truly are… old white people committing insurance fraud. When local teen investigator, Zodiac DuMaurier, disappears from the woods while running a routine investigation a local man is charged with Zodiac’s kidnapping. However, when Zodiac reappears just as mysteriously two weeks later Zodiac maintains he was abducted by aliens. When the man arrested for the kidnapping is found murdered, Zodiac reunites with the old gang to solve one more mystery. The teens experiment with drugs, sexual identity, and conspiracy theories while investigating all leading them to the question: “What would you rather find, Monster or Man?”


The Devils Between Us

by Sharifa Yasmin

Directed by Maisha Khan

The Question Game

by Ashley Lauren Rogers

Directed by Sophie Sam

High in a

by Nic A. Sommerfeld

Directed by Harley Harris 


by Orion Lee Risk

Directed by Sy Bedrick

The Brunch

by Dillon Yruegas

Directed by Victoria Zepeda

The Interrobangers

by M Sloth Levine

Directed by Annika Prager


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