the interrobangers

mystery of the foggy bluffs monster

by M Sloth Levine

Directed by Annika Prager

The town of Foggy Bluffs has been haunted by ethereal apparitions for decades. Four kids spend their weekends investigating cryptids and solving cryptic codes; unmasking the monsters for what they truly are… old white people committing insurance fraud. When local teen investigator, Zodiac DuMaurier, disappears from the woods while running a routine investigation a local man is charged with Zodiac’s kidnapping. However, when Zodiac reappears just as mysteriously two weeks later Zodiac maintains he was abducted by aliens. When the man arrested for the kidnapping is found murdered, Zodiac reunites with the old gang to solve one more mystery. The teens experiment with drugs, sexual identity, and conspiracy theories while investigating all leading them to the question: “What would you rather find, Monster or Man?”

the cast

Ariane Terrell (she/her) as Dani Bundy

Ariane Terrell is currently majoring in Theatre with a Minor in Media Studies at Hunter College and will be graduating in May. This is her first professional production and she is very fortunate to work with an incredible group of artists celebrating trans theatre. She would like to thank her family for supporting her throughout her education as well as Annika for giving her this wonderful opportunity. @aria.terrell

Ben Nissan (he/him) as Hank Mason

Ben Nissan is a Boston-based actor who is absolutely thrilled to join Trans TheatreFest for The Interrobangers! Having studied at Tufts University and performed around Boston for the past few years, he now primarily sits on his couch waiting desperately for the return of live theatre. Recent and upcoming credits include T: An MBTA Musical at The Rockwell (Nielsen), In the Belly of the Mother with Plenty Collective (Baby), and Coriolanus with Praxis Stage (First Citizen).

Daphne Adamson (she/they) as Bettie Roswell/Tess Mason

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, I'm an actor and college student trying to figure things out. Fun fact about myself, I am absolutely a normal human! I am not an alien, nor am I some sort of cryptid lurking in the fog, waiting for the right moment. A regular, human person is what I am. No lizard people here!

Joshua Martinez (he/him) as Officer Craig/Guy at the Jackalope/Scientist

Joshua Martinez is an actor studying at Hunter College. He's currently joined 2 virtual acting circles, one with the NYPL Kingsbridge's Acting Circle as well as Carnegie Hall's Neon Arts, " Act Like You Mean it Workshop." He's also currently cast in Hunter College's production of "Antigone" as Guard. Instagram: @JoshSwingin

Kit Newell (they/them)
as Zodiac DuMaurier

Kit Newell is a Boston-based actor and recent UMass Amherst Theater department alum. Credits include Tiresias in The Bacchae of Euripides (UMass Amherst), Lucentio in The *Annotated* Taming (Hampshire Shakespeare Company), Gila in Wild Thing (UMass Amherst), Poins in Henry IV, Part I (Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, Apprentice Program) and Samson (U/S, performed) in Romeo and Juliet (Commonwealth Shakespeare Company).

Nathan Patterson (he/him) as Nathan Hobart/Mr. Dahl

Nathan is a 24-year-old actor from Dublin, Ireland. With a pandemic that ground 2020, to be his most exciting year yet, to a screeching halt, he embraced Zoom as the next best thing, taking part in seven international Zoom productions, as well as casting, directing, filming and (currently) editing a feature length Zoom movie for charity (to be released mid-2021). Nathan loves Shakespeare, musical theatre, slapstick and farce, so The Interrobangers is a welcome left turn for him. Past stage credits include King Lear (Edmund), Big Love (Giuliano), Made in Dagenham (Hubble), Romeo and Juliet (Balthasar), Henry VIII (Henry VIII), A History of Madness in Ireland (Ensemble), and Star Trek: The Measure of a Man (Data). Past Zoom credits include She Kills Monsters (Miles), Dracula and Frankenstein are Dead Drunk (Narrator), Coriolanus (Ensemble), Henry VIII (Male Cast Swing), and Spread (Parannoyed). Because of the nature of Interrobangers, he feels obliged to let you know he is a Scorpio with a Pisces moon and Virgo rising. He is Ireland's only full-time, professional transgender stage actor.

Raísa Lucerna (she/they)
as Luna Jaffe

Raísa Lin Garden-Lucerna is a proud China-Latina from Brooklyn, New York. Raísa’s arts experience began at El Puente, a non-profit arts and social justice organization located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Her primary art form is dance, but she’s also preformed in multiple theater productions, including: Journey to Unisol, The Laramie Project, The Cuban Swimmer, and an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. Raísa also has experience in stage make up, costumes, lighting, backdrops and backstage management.

Sahar Babi (she/her)
as Young Zodiac/Woman in White/Scientist

Sahar Babi is excited to be working with the TTF for the first time. She is currently studying theatre at Hunter College (NYC). Theatre Credits include: Charlie Baker in The Foreigner, Touchstone in As You Like It, and Reverand Father Padre Pea in Llorena of the Rio Grande. Instagram: sahar_babs

Yanniv Frank (he/him)
as Hoover

Yanniv Frank is a New York based actor, puppeteer, and musician. He received his BA in Performing and Visual Arts from Macaulay Honors College at the CUNY Graduate Center and spent most of his undergraduate studying acting in the Hunter Theatre Department. Yanniv is a Sesame Workshop trained puppeteer and is currently working towards a masters degree in Puppet Arts at the University of Connecticut. Yanniv is also currently working on his debut EP as a singer/songwriter, which will be available on all streaming platforms later this year. Follow @yannivfrank on all platforms for updates!

the production team

M Sloth Levine they/them (Playwright)

M Sloth Levine is a trans theatremaker who directs, writes plays, and designs in Brooklyn, NY. Recent work has been seen at University of Massachusetts Amherst, Sparkhaven Theatre, Trans Theatre Ensemble, Company One, SpeakEasy Stage Company, Fresh Ink Theatre, Brown Box Theatre Project, and Milky Way Coffee Roasters. They have been involved with the Gender Explosion Initiative with StageSource, advocating for gender diversity in New England theatre. They are a proud alumnus of the Company One PlayLab Unit. In 2016 they received a BA in Theatre Studies: Directing & Playwriting from Emerson College.

Annika Prager they/them (Director)

Annika (they/them) is an Oakland born NYC-based queer non-binary Theatre Director, Artistic Producer, and Teaching Artist. Recently they have directed Dance Nation, La Casa de Bernarda Alba, Metamorphoses, and Fuck Off Julia; and assistant directed Mother Courage and anOTHER. Annika works to amplify and center the voices of queer artists, female artists, and artists of color by emphasizing the deconstruction of hierarchy through the reconstruction of brave spaces. They seek to counter the hetero-, white-, cis-, male- centered, hegemonic narratives in theatre by collaborating with artists who's work has historically been forcibly excluded from artistic spaces.

Sarah Shea she/her (Stage Manager)

Sarah is incredibly proud to be working on The Interrobangers, and she is so thankful to her director Annika Prager for getting her to come out of Stage Management retirement to work with such a wonderful cast and production team. Sarah is a recent graduate from Hunter college where she studied Theatre and English, and her passion lies with directing, producing, and management. Much love to all friends, family, and everyone involved in the show! And special shout out to her ASM Sarah Jones for being awesome!!

Aidan Sartori he/him
(Sound Designer)

Aidan Sartori is a proud graduate of Hunter College of the City University of New York. He would like to thank his family, friends, and girlfriend for their support, and congratulates the entire Interrobangers team on an excellent show.

Claudia Zajic she/her
(Video Editor/Graphics Designer)

Claudia Zajic is a rising senior at Hunter College, and has recently delved into sound design and animation design for Hunter College’s virtual production of Eurydice. In her time at Hunter College, she has also played the Narrator in Every Brilliant Thing, Somebody in Everybody, Sergeant/Clerk in Mother Courage, and Claire in Proof. She is delighted and thankful for her director and Trans TheatreFest giving her this opportunity to stretch her design-legs!

Gylanni Carrington
(Costume Designer)

Gylanni is a queer artist from NYC. Gylanni has loved theatre from a young age, but has found a calling in theatrical design. Though skilled in many areas, Gylanni has a real passion for costumes. Gylanni believes the future of art lies in diverse storytelling, and is grateful and excited to be working on The Interrobangers. IG: Persephoneysgarden #BlackTransLivesMatter

Sarah Jones she/her
(Asst. Stage Manager)

Sarah is elated to be working on The Interrobangers with the most incredible team! Her recent projects include Ludlow Fair (Graphic Designer / Social Media Manager), the CUNY Theatre Festival (Director), Eurydice (Stage / Production Manager), and Lear (Assistant Stage Manager / Wardrobe Supervisor). Many thanks to Sarah Shea, Annika, and the whole Interrobangers team! "Be gay, do crimes."