high in a tower

by Nic A. Sommerfeld

Directed by Harley Harris

High in a Tower takes place in a (more progressive) fairytale land and features Prince Gareth’s quest to rescue Rapunzel…who actually isn’t in the tower anymore because Rapunzi has taken her place. It’s a comedic retelling of a classic fairytale that pokes fun at the patriarchy and heteronormative society.

the cast

Andy Figueroa (they/them) Princet Ellis

Andy Figueroa works as an actor and trans advocate to create art and space for marginalized identities, particularly queer, Latin*, and disabled communities. Andy is EMC, graduates from Ohio University with a BFA in Performance in May 2021, and accepted an offer to train with Shakespeare and Co. in their 2021 Summer Intensive. For more, visit andy-figueroa.com.

Chris Steele as Rupunzi

Isabella Gilbert (she/her) as Rapunzel

Isabella Gilbert is a Senior at UW Madison pursuing an Art Education BS and a Theatre and Drama certificate. She is the graphic designer and on the executive board for the student theatre organization InterMissionTheatre and has performed in many student-produced shows including IMT's production of Urinetown the Musical and UTA's production of Equivocation. IG: @isabellagilbert_art

Nathan Patterson (he/him) as Gareth

Nathan is a 24-year-old actor from Dublin, Ireland. With a pandemic that ground 2020, to be his most exciting year yet, to a screeching halt, he embraced Zoom as the next best thing, taking part in seven international Zoom productions, as well as casting, directing, filming and (currently) editing a feature length Zoom movie for charity (to be released mid-2021). Nathan loves Shakespeare, musical theatre, slapstick and farce, so The Interrobangers is a welcome left turn for him. Past stage credits include King Lear (Edmund), Big Love (Giuliano), Made in Dagenham (Hubble), Romeo and Juliet (Balthasar), Henry VIII (Henry VIII), A History of Madness in Ireland (Ensemble), and Star Trek: The Measure of a Man (Data). Past Zoom credits include She Kills Monsters (Miles), Dracula and Frankenstein are Dead Drunk (Narrator), Coriolanus (Ensemble), Henry VIII (Male Cast Swing), and Spread (Parannoyed). Because of the nature of Interrobangers, he feels obliged to let you know he is a Scorpio with a Pisces moon and Virgo rising. He is Ireland's only full-time, professional transgender stage actor.

Zinnia Weibel (they/them) as Lord Nelson

All my life I was drawn to male characters who presented or performed femininely and dramatically, so I should have known sooner what was up. Shoutout to Preminger from Barbie Princess and the Pauper and Klinger from M*A*S*H for inspiring me to be dramatic and to hoard every gender I can.

the production team

Nic A. Sommerfeld they/them (Playwright)

Nic has written one act and short plays for over 10 years. They studied playwriting at Santa Clara University under Brian Thorstenson. Since University, they have written for, and been produced by Third Citizen Theater Company, Monday Night Playground, The San Francisco Olympians Festival ( ‘17 and ‘18), ShotzSF, Utopia Theatre Project, and USF. They have also had their work featured as part of The Best of Playground Festival ( ‘18, ‘19 and ‘20) and in 2020 completed a full length commission that will hopefully to be produced in 2022.

Harley Harris they/them (Director)

Harley Harris is a junior BA Theatre and Performance major at Oklahoma City University. Their latest directing credit is Ophelia Underwater (OCU 2020), and they have recently worked as a co-sound designer on The Revolutionists (OCU 2021). They are extremely excited to direct for Trans TheatreFest and would like to thank the wonderful people running the festival, their cast and team for putting on a great show, as well as their friends for supporting them!

Sophia Mencon she/they (Stage Manager)

Sophia Menconi (she/they) is a freelance director and stage manager, and a former apprentice with Women’s Theatre Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is a passionate advocate for new and experimental work, especially immersive works and contemporary adaptations of classical works. Their work is informed by an appreciation of literature and textual analysis, their experiences as a survivor advocate and consent educator, and the value they place on intentional, anti-racist collaboration and active engagement with their fallow artists and creators. Recent stage management credits include Left Hanging (Virtual Theatre Collaboration), Ada and the Engine and Intimate Apparel (Silver Spring Stage).